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Patentado un nuevo método rápido para detectar la toxina patulina en manzanas y sus derivados

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Científicos del Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (IATA) desarrollan el primer método inmunoanalítico para detectar patulina, una toxina presente en manzanas y derivados como zumos, compotas y preparados alimentarios para la población infantil. Dos empresas del sector explotarán la patente.

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New natural coatings from tomatoes improve the preservation of pork

A team of CSIC researchers has achieved gelatin coatings that would delay the oxidation process of the product during storage. The stability of the compounds opens up avenues of research into their possible antioxidant effect after digestion.

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Genetic improvement of stone fruit trees for obtaining new varieties

The Group of Genetic Improvement of Fruit Trees at the Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura of the CSIC develops programs to improve the species of the genus Prunus to increase productivity, improve the adaptation to climatic conditions and the resistance to the Sharka virus, among others.

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System to control plant production through gene silencing

A team of CSIC researchers has developed a system that would allow controlling the production and performance of a plant crop through a fine regulation of the degree of silencing of a gene of interest. Modulating gene silencing can help control the flowering times of a crop.

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A device for predicting oxidation and shelf-life of oil and foods with lipids

The CSIC has developed a portable device to assay oxidation of oil and other foods with lipids. It enables producers to simulate the process of food oxidation in virtually real conditions, therefore emulating transport and storage environment. Now, scientists are seeking for agro-food companies interested in the development.

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