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La clave para que el arroz se adapte al cambio climático puede estar en su ADN

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Más de un centenar de expertos internacionales y empresas se reunieron en el 18º Simposio Internacional de Genómica Funcional de Arroz, centrado en el impacto del cambio climático en el cultivo de este cereal. Los retos del cambio climático, las posibilidades de las nuevas herramientas CRISPR de edición génica y el marco legislativo europeo centraron el debate.

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CSIC co-develops a “vegetable meat” using a Mediterranean legume

This ingredient is low in saturated fat, rich in dietary fibre and its composition is based on carob. The product, called Leggie, has been developed by researchers from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), and will be marketed by the Spanish company MRM.

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Drip irrigation regulator

CSIC has developed a drip irrigation regulator consisting of a container with a pipe inside, where water flows, and a blocker made of hydrophilic material. It enables the irrigation automatically and controls the amount of water supplied.

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Fruit preservation through an edible pectin gel with a low glycemic index

CSIC has developed a fruit coating gel consisting of low methoxyl and calcium pectins. The gel is an edible protective coating that increases the shelf life of fruits during storage, slows down microbial growth and has a low glycemic index. 

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A new project will use laser technology to get rid of weeds on crops without pesticides

The WeLASER project will create an autonomous robot with intelligent vision for detecting weeds and later applying a strong laser to exterminate them and prevent them from spreading.

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