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Scientists develop a device to quickly identify micro-organisms in an environmental sample

The device, tested in Antarctica, optimises the efficient collection of samples and allows them to be analysed in situ. The breakthrough has been made possible by combining technologies that include the use of portable equipment to obtain and analyse DNA sequences, and proprietary analysis software, which has been patented. This development may also have applications in the clinical setting and in industry.

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A new risk predictor for breast cancer that improves on commercial tests used in clinical practice

The Laboratory of cancer bioinformatics and functional genomics from the Cancer Research Centre, a joint centre of the CSIC and the University of Salamanca (USAL), has designed a risk predictor for breast cancer patients using machine learning techniques. It allows the identification of genes associated with survival and risk of patients. The new test could be easily translated into the clinical practice, given that its development cost is similar to other routine techniques.

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Genetically engineered stem cells to boost cancer immunotherapy

The CSIC, the Banc de Sang i Teixits de Catalunya and the Idibell have signed an agreement to research the production of CAR-NK cells, which are easier to produce than the CAR-T cells used successfully in immunotherapy. The research will test stem cell editing using two technologies patented by the CSIC. One of the goals is to create a bank of CAR-NK anti-tumour cells for immediate use.

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Removable basket for in vitro analysis of biological tissues

The CSIC and the Miguel Hernández University have developed a basket for in vitro tissue analysis. It enables to fix the sample and allowing its transport between wells without damaging it. It has an optimised design that allows the replacement of the mesh, the maximum use of the surface of the well and an efficient use of the reagents used.

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Knowledge-based companies to cross the Valley of Death

30 years of R+D CSIC

Knowledge-based companies help to bring scientific results from research centres to the market and society. Thirty years ago, none existed at the CSIC. Since 1999, the CSIC has promoted about 170 companies. Of these, around 60% are still active.

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