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Folding paper device for an early detection of infections in chronic wounds

Scientists from the CSIC and from the UPC university have developed a ‘point-of-care’ device for an early detection of infections by means of analysing body fluids such as saliva or exudates from chronic wounds.

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A molecular mechanism of the cardiac alternans, one of the causes of severe cardiac arrhythmia, has been identified

An international project with participation of IIBB-CSIC has identified one of the molecular mechanisms that causes the so-called “cardiac alternans”, an alteration of the cardiac rhythm that can cause ventricular fibrillation and potentially lethal cardiac arrhythmia. This finding opens a new path to the development of pharmacological treatment.

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Multiplexed 'point-of-care' device for a quick simultaneous detection of biomarkers

CSIC scientists have developed a compact device for a rapid and simultaneous detection of several biomarkers in biological fluids. The design simplifies scalability and reduces production costs, which is especially important for the obtention of ‘point-of-care’ diagnostic devices. Industrial partners from the biomedical industry are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

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Bio-nanocellulose meshes improve hernia repair surgery

Researchers from the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) and B. Braun Surgical, a leading manufacturer of medical devices for wound closure, have collaborated to develop a bio-based surgical mesh with this biomaterial. First results from an in vivo animal study yield promising outcomes.

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IBMB-CSIC acquires a state-of-the-art electronic microscope with the most advanced electrons detector

The microscope has been acquired by means of a cooperative project headed by CSIC, through IBMB, and has been co-financed by European FEDER funds. It is a cutting-edge technology for protein structure resolution, and it will allow facing the new biomedicine and biotechnology challenges.

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