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Vanadium battery prototype for large-scale electrical energy storage

The prototype, a 10 kW redox flow battery demonstrator, paves the way towards a 50 kW flow battery. It has been developed by CSIC's PTI TrasnEner+ Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform, which is working to develop large-scale energy storage technologies for stationary applications.

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Technologies to digitilise and automate the inspection and management of gas and water networks

The SENIX project, with the participation of the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM-CSIC, by its Spanish acronym), has created several solutions for the development of micro and nanoelectronic systems and platforms to improve the management of water and gas distribution networks.

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Pharaon ants inspire an Artificial Intelligence algorithm with applications such as drug search or logistic optimization

CSIC scientists improve an algorithm inspired by the behaviour of these ants. Pharaon ants use pheromones for setting ‘no-entry’ signals, which is an example of learning based on negative feedback. It enables to improve optimization techniques for many sectors, both in industry and in scientific research.

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75 institutions from 13 countries collaborate to improve reliability for electronic components

Current electronic components and systems (ECS) are becoming more compact and complex every day, thus making more difficult to face the reliability analysis in them. Now, it is required to follow a holistic approach through the entire value chain of an ECS product, such as the material, chip, packaging and system. During 3 years, iRel40 will connect 75 institutions from 13 European countries, including the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona through the Power Devices and Systems Group.

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Innovative techniques for subsurface and renewable resources exploration, such as geothermal energy

The INNOLOG project led by CSIC has developed two probes (borehole logging tools) and a mineral-identification software based on machine leaning/deep learning methods to improve the time and cost efficiency in the search of subsoil/subsurface resources. Innolog results and products apply new sensors and technologies (hyperspectral and laser based) that enable a more efficient subsoil exploration for resources, such as geothermal ones, in accordance with the goals of the European Green Deal.

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