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Autofocus, real-time and selfcalibrating 3D ultrasonic imaging system developed

The CSIC has developed an ultrasounds system for the non-destructive evaluation of components and materials, which can obtain three-dimensional, autofocused images in real time, even in the case of composite materials (composites) with complex geometry. It is particularly useful for testing composites and has applications in aeronautics, high-performance automotive and similar fields.

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The Converge hub is born to connect researchers with companies and boost open innovation

This CSIC initiative is a space for scientists, companies and social agents to innovate and  co-create. It has four programmes: an open innovation programme that fosters collaboration between companies and research centres; a programme to identify and accelerate projects for the creation of new companies; a space for sharing R&D&I needs and challenges in the field of public services and public procurement of innovation; and a programme for the creation of chairs as a way for companies to sponsor CSIC research lines.

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Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of water with low energy consumption and high efficiency

The CSIC and the Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed an electrohydrolysis system to obtain hydrogen with an innovative electrode structure. It maximises the reaction, reducing the voltage required and the energy consumption of the reaction.

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CSIC researchers will develop a software to analyze electronic devices and improve cybersecurity

The CSIC's Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM) leads the technical section of the development of a software that will allow access to the information stored in a chip. The objective of the ForRES project, financed with more than 2 million euros, is to improve the digital forensic analysis of electronic devices.

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Scientists and companies join forces to 'teach' AI to explain itself

The European H2020 project NL4XAI addresses the question of how the quality of algorithms in the emerging field of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), i.e. machines capable of justifying and reasoning their decisions, should be assessed. The aim is to train the first generation of experts in this field.

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