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Six CSIC groups renew the TECNIO accreditation

TECNIO is an accreditation awarded through the local government’s ACCION program. It has as a goal to identify and give visibility to technology developers of the R & D & I system, groups that have differential technological capabilities and thus the capacity to transfer them to the industrial sector.

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Pharaon ants inspire an Artificial Intelligence algorithm with applications such as drug search or logistic optimization

CSIC scientists improve an algorithm inspired by the behaviour of these ants. Pharaon ants use pheromones for setting ‘no-entry’ signals, which is an example of learning based on negative feedback. It enables to improve optimization techniques for many sectors, both in industry and in scientific research.

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Artificial Intelligence technology for sustainable ridesharing in the city

Scientists at the Institute for the Investigation in Artificial Intelligence of the CSIC (IIIA-CSIC) have developed a technology for ride-sharing. The goal is allowing people to share their cars with the users who have to do the same trip, hence doing a more sustainable use of the vehicle and reducing the traffic in the cities.

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Innovative techniques for subsurface and renewable resources exploration, such as geothermal energy

The INNOLOG project led by CSIC has developed two probes (borehole logging tools) and a mineral-identification software based on machine leaning/deep learning methods to improve the time and cost efficiency in the search of subsoil/subsurface resources. Innolog results and products apply new sensors and technologies (hyperspectral and laser based) that enable a more efficient subsoil exploration for resources, such as geothermal ones, in accordance with the goals of the European Green Deal.

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Crowd4SDG, artificial intelligence to democratise decision making in citizen science

Crowd4SDG is a project that studies how citizen science offers information on the UN Sustainable Development Goals' achievements. The project is formed by a consortium of six international institutions, among which it is the CSIC, represented by the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.

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