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Smart packaging that monitors the cold chain

An ICMAB project explores a new type of time-temperature indicators based on organic semiconductors to provide visual signals of unwanted exposure to elevated temperatures and verify the cold chain. They are especially thought for pharmaceutical, medical and food industry products.

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New ERC project to upscale the manufacturing process of colloidal inks for superconducting materials

Scientists at ICMAB-CSIC will upscale a method for synthesizing multifunctional colloidal inks for the manufacture of superconducting tapes. The project is a further step towards the generalization of superconductors.

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Smart fluorescent molecular switches based on boron-based compounds

Scientists have developed extremely stable molecular switches of high luminosity that self-assemble into 1D nanostructures and form gel-like materials. These molecular switches can be used in biomedicine as fluorescent probes for imaging or sensing, in fluorescent displays, or in memories and information processing devices.

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Using light to store information with photo-ferroelectric materials

ICMAB researchers have discovered that, through the application of pulsed light, photoresponsive ferroelectric materials can switch from a low-resistance to a high-resistance state. These materials have made possible the design of memories that are able to store information permanently in different resistance states.

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Improving zinc-air rechargeable batteries with nanoparticles

CSIC scientists at the ICMAB and the IMB-CNM are working to achieve an efficient zinc-air battery recharging. These batteries have more capacity than the lithium-ion ones, and are made of cheap materials, which are widely available in nature as well as safe.

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