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INBRAIN Neuroelectronics signs an agreement to develop neurotechnology patented by the CSIC

A technology-based company for the development of graphene-based applications for neurological diseases, and founded by researchers from IMB-CNM-CSIC, ICN2 and ICREA, who lead some of the research areas of the Graphene Flagship. The agreement paves the way for further developing and industrialization of patented technology from CSIC, ICN2, ICREA, CIBERBBN, UAB and IDIBAPS.

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Christian Blum: “Our hybrid algorithm can be applied to solve real-life optimization problems”

Christian Blum, IIIA-CSIC researcher, has been awarded with a SEIO-BBVA Foundation prize for developing a hybrid algorithm that combines metaheuristics and operations research (OR) in a novel way to solve complex problems characterised by many variables and many possible solutions. It can be applied, for example, to problems from the industrial and the educational sector. 

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An innovative solid state relay, as a result of cooperation between scientists and industry

A collaborative project of the Barcelona Microelectronics Institute (IMB-CNM) of the CSIC and BSH, a company, has produced an innovative solid state relay for induction cookers. It is made of gallium nitride, a new and promising material for power electronics. This is an example of collaboration between a research centre and a company.

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Portable device for automatically monitoring presence of radon in buildings

The Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM-CSIC) has collaborated in the design and development of a prototype for the detection of radon gas, a radioactive gas of natural origin that can be found in buildings. The prototype is the result of the CARE project, led by the company Alibava Systems, and developed by research centres and companies.

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Digital platform for fashion shopping

Pure Inspiration, a spin-off of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of the CSIC (IIIA-CSIC), has developed  WWWOWWW, a new cloth-shopping web app that gives suggestions and helps consumers in on-line shopping.

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