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Science and business cooperate in Robocup

Scientists and students at the Instituto de Robótica e Informática Industrial (CSIC-UPC), at the company PAL Robotics and at the association AESS Estudiants have teamed together to compete in the last Robocup Edition. With the REEM robot they have classified in 7th position and have gained in invaluable knowledge and experience.

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New technologies for the electric car

The CSIC’s Instituto de Microelectrónica in Barcelona has participated in the Project Cenit Verde, a project focused on the development of technologies to facilitate the implementation of the electric car in Spain. Scientists at the CSIC have contributed to obtaining an alternative cooling system for the car power modules.

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The integrated ISFET developed at CNM: from the electronic tongue to DNA sequencing

In 1999, the CSIC’s Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica developed a new procedure that allowed the integration of different chemical sensors ISFET in one chip and to manufacture them with standard technology. Now, this procedure has made possible the creation of a commercial chip that enables mapping the genome of one person for 1000 dollars.

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A method recovers helium used for cooling instrumentation

A system to liquefy and recover helium at small and medium scale is a success story of cooperation between scientists and companies. The new method enables the recovery of the helium that has been used for cooling medical and scientific equipments.

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Superar divergencias entre investigadores, empresarios e instituciones

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Un investigador siempre busca la máxima resolución, mientras que en el mercado tanta exactitud no es necesaria. "Lo que para un físico es una precisión mínima, un 0,0003, el mercado lo arregla con un 0,03", detalla Daniel Peris. "Mayor perfeccionamiento y resolución es más tiempo de producción, y el tiempo es dinero".

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