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Extracting phenolic compounds from 'alperujo' with ecological solvents

Teams from the CSIC and the University of Seville have developed a methodology to extract phenolic compounds from ‘alperujo’ using natural and ecological solvents (NADES) with an acidic base. With this method, non-toxic 'in vitro' extracts are obtained which can be used for agri-food and nutraceutical products, and which have anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and antimicrobial properties.

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Oleogels to replace solid fats in food processing

They are obtained from a liquid vegetable oil and gelling agents, which allow the oil to become and behave as a solid fat, but with processes that do not damage the properties of the oil. Oleogels avoid the use of saturated fats, which are associated with cardiovascular problems and diseases.

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Drip irrigation regulator

CSIC has developed a drip irrigation regulator consisting of a container with a pipe inside, where water flows, and a blocker made of hydrophilic material. It enables the irrigation automatically and controls the amount of water supplied.

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Fruit preservation through an edible pectin gel with a low glycemic index

CSIC has developed a fruit coating gel consisting of low methoxyl and calcium pectins. The gel is an edible protective coating that increases the shelf life of fruits during storage, slows down microbial growth and has a low glycemic index. 

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System to control plant production through gene silencing

A team of CSIC researchers has developed a system that would allow controlling the production and performance of a plant crop through a fine regulation of the degree of silencing of a gene of interest. Modulating gene silencing can help control the flowering times of a crop.

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