Last updateThu, 01 Jun 2023 12pm

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System to control common foodborne pathogens

Spanish scientists at CSIC have developed a new system to control common foodborne pathogens, such as salmonella, E.coli or listeria, in ready to eat fresh vegetables products.

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Meat products with algae and little salt

CSIC researchers have developed a procedure based on the addition of algae, which allows to reduce the salt content in meat products maintaining a good quality and organoleptic properties.

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High pressures and low temperature improves concentrate juice

A group of researchers from the CSIC has developed a process to obtain concentrated juices with improved taste, colour and nutritional qualities.

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Method prevents Anisakis infection and risk of allergy

Researchers at the CSIC's Instituto del Frio and Hospital Carlos III, in Madrid, have developed a method for detecting Anisakis allergens in fish.

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Method to elaborate restructured foods from fisheries by-products

CSIC has developed a method to elaborate restructured foods from by-products from the fish and mollusc processing industry and a natural fibre (glucomannane). Fish fillet, crab meat, squid rings and smoked salmon analogues have been manufactured and many other food analogues can be designed. Industrial partners to license agreement are sought.

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