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Scientists develop an affordable artificial intelligence tool to improve the production of SMEs

The CSIC and the Polytechnic University of Madrid have developed a software based on machine learning techniques to generate useful information and intelligent recommendations to optimise production processes. This affordable software has been created within the framework of a European project to give SMEs access to this type of tools.

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Autofocus, real-time and selfcalibrating 3D ultrasonic imaging system developed

The CSIC has developed an ultrasounds system for the non-destructive evaluation of components and materials, which can obtain three-dimensional, autofocused images in real time, even in the case of composite materials (composites) with complex geometry. It is particularly useful for testing composites and has applications in aeronautics, high-performance automotive and similar fields.

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Fast and non-destructive ultrasonic test for face masks

COVID19 pandemic has increased the demand for general-use masks, boosting the supply of masks. CSIC has developed a fast test to efficiently ensure the quality of the product, allowing a level of production that meets the growing demand.

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Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of water with low energy consumption and high efficiency

The CSIC and the Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed an electrohydrolysis system to obtain hydrogen with an innovative electrode structure. It maximises the reaction, reducing the voltage required and the energy consumption of the reaction.

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Patent for a portable device that monitors both gamma and neutron radiation

A team at the Institute of corpuscular physics (IFIC, by its Spanish acronym) has patented a compact, portable device that simultaneously monitors gamma and neutron radiation produced in radioactive processes and nuclear reactions. It can lead to multiple applications: from detecting radioactive materials to relieve the side effects of hadrontherapy, a novel cancer therapy.

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