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A device to obtain energy from vibrations

Scientists at the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona have developed a device to harvest energy from ambient vibrations. Sized in millimeters, it can provide with energy small devices or sensors which need little power.

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Graphene nanofluids for faster batteries

Scientists from the CSIC and ICN2 have developed a new type of fluids with graphene and other carbon nanoparticles for energy storage in flow-cells. The nanofluids can be used in applications that require high power and medium energy densities.

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A low-cost photonic microchip with integrated light source for analyzing liquids

Scientists at the CSIC’s Instituto de Microelectrónica Barcelona have developed a photonic microchip which, for the first time, integrates a  light source. By making use of a robust and flexible technology, this microchip can measure color changes in liquids with high accuracy. Its applicability ranges from biomedical analysis to food safety or environmental applications.

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Method to characterize chips without touching them

New technique based on thermography enables a fast and contacless characterization of the wireless electronic components of the radiofrequency identification systems, like contactless credit cards and similar.

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Multifunctional microchips adapted to demand

Scientists at the CSIC and the University of Barcelona have obtained microchips, which can be placed inside living cells or liquids to simultaneously detect several parameters. The developed technology enables the adaptation of the microchips according to the demand of customers.

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