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A new algorithm could allow ten times more capacity in the digital signal

A fast, accurate method of analysing the singularities of digital signals has been developed. Among its outstanding characteristics, it makes it possible to detect and to recognize patterns and structures starting from very little data and even to recognize subtle changes and relevant information from low resolution pictures.


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Photonic lab on a chip for screening particles

A photonic lab on a chip for screening particles or cells entirely made of low-cost materials (silicona and glass).


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System measures pH level in air

CSIC researchers have developed chemical sensors and a portable electronic device for measuring environmental acidity.

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An acoustic chamber that improves the experimental conditions

Spanish scientists have developed a a new acoustic chamber to asses hearing function in rodents that allows a high control on the experimental conditions and improves animal welfare.

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Sunscreen based on the use of silicon microparticles.

Scientists at the CSIC's Center of Physical Technologies and Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed a new sunscreen based on the use of silicon microparticles.

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