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The CSIC introduces new nanotechnologies at Imaginenano 2018

The CSIC has been present in Imaginenano 2018, the fourth edition of the biggest European event in nanoscience and nanotechnology, which took place in Bilbao (Spain).

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The CSIC in Nanotech 2018

The CSIC has been in the last edition of Nanotech, which took place in Japan on 14th to 16 February, where it has introduced around 15 new technologies. With more than 44 thousand visitors, Nanotech is one of the biggest international focused on nanotechnologies.

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Light and non-flammable Lithium-ion electrodes

A new method to manufacture self-supported ceramic electrodes for batteries, without any flammable material, has been developed. These electrodes can be flat and very thick or can have other shapes, like tubes, and their capacity per unit area can be up to ten times higher than that of commercial ones.

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A unique calibration pattern for spatial and conductive modes in Atomic Force Microscopes

The CSIC has developed an easy procedure for manufacturing calibration patterns suitable for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM). A unique pattern supports a simultaneous geometrical and current calibration for the sample.

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Low-cost wearable sweat analysis system

The CSIC has developed a low-cost system for analyzing sweat in real time. It has an ultra-compact format and can be integrated in wearable devices like smart-watches or patches. It enables the analysis in real-time of different sweat components and characteristics such as pH, glucose, lactate, and electrolytes.

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