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An app offers guided routes of the Pyrenean water ecosystems

CSIC and CREAF scientists who are working together at two labs, the Limnological Observatory of the Pyrinees (LOOP) and the Movement Ecology Laboratory (MoveLab), have developed a new app. It is called “Eth Holet” and offers guided nature walks in the Vall d’Aran using the GPS.

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Film showcases the management plan of red shrimp

Last year, a management plan for the valuable red shrimp fishery was approved. It is an innovative project developed by CSIC scientists and fishermen of Cofradia de Palamos. Now, the project GAP2 focus a short film on this case.

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AFORO adds 3D otoliths to identify fish species

AFORO is a well known online catalogue of otoliths (internal structures of the fish ear). Now it has started a new stage, AFORO 3D, in which three-dimensional models of otoliths are added to the catalogue. This opens the door to new possibilities that were unimaginable until now.

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Scientists and company collaborate in app creation

It is called FungiNote, and it is an app to identify fungi species. This app is a result of the cooperation between scientists at the  Real Jardín Botánico of the CSIC and the company Wake App!.

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Biomass plant for the production of bio-oil and electricity

The CSIC has signed a contract with the Spanish company UxúeBioenergia y Renovables to design and set up a biomass plant for the simultaneous production of bio-oil and electricity.

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