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Nanostructured lipid hydrogel in highly diluted conditions composed only by lipids and water

CSIC scientists have developed and patented a hydrogel formed exclusively by lipids dispersed in a large amount of water, without the need of using surfactants or polymers. This fact avoids risk of irritations or adverse responses in case of medical applications. This material is biocompatible and favors the transport of drugs through topical, ocular or mucous routes.

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Catalyst to transform and reuse CO2 and methane

One of the strategies for reducing the impact of climatic change is finding processes to reuse greenhouse gases and therefore avoiding their emission to the air. Scientists at the CSIC have developed a catalyst for reusing and transforming CO2 and methane and obtaining syngas.

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Biocompatible surfactants derived from amino acids

A group of biocompatible cationic surfactants derived from the histidine, an amino acid, have been obtained. These surfactants are non-toxic and have antimicrobial activity. They could be used in food, cosmetic, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

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Ecological and efficient bio-catalysis, without metals

The Instituto de Química Avanzada de Catalunya of the CSIC, the Technische Universität Darmstadt and the Spanish company Sustainable Momentum have developed and patented a selective biocatalyst, which is efficient and ecologic. It enables the synthesis of organic molecules copying natural processes and avoiding the use of like-palladium metals.

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Membrane technology for gas separation

Scientists at the Instituto de Tecnología Química have made a big step towards the gas separation through membrane technology. It enables the adaptation of the membranes to separate different gases and can have applications in several industrial sectors.

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