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Ecofriendly catalytic method to obtain aldehydes and ketones

The CSIC has developed a catalytic procedure which enables a highly selective oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes and ketones, using minimum amounts of Palladium catalysts. In contrast with the current methodologies, additives are not needed which means significant economic and environmental advantages. Industrial partners are sought.

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Antioxidant and surfactant: two in one compound

The CSIC has patented compounds derived from commercial alkyl gallates antioxidants (E310, E311 and E312, used as food additives) which, in addition to keep similar antioxidant activity, have surfactant properties comparable to commercial non-ionic surfactants. These compounds could be used to develop cosmetic, personal care products, food, agrochemical, fuel, and pharmaceutical products.

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High sensitive sensor for the detection of mercury in water

Current technologies to analize mercury in water are either laboratory tools that need expert personal or portable systems with poor sensitivity.

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Derivates of quinolones for cancer treatment

New derivatives of quinolones suitable for cancer treatment have been developed. The compounds are promising as they could offer a new pharmacological option when drug resistance appears.

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Compounds to enhance immune responses

The CSIC and two universities from Spain have synthesised new compounds to promote proliferation of natural killer T-cells, involved in immune responses.

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