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JEMCA, electron microscopy to advance research in structural biology and new materials

It is a pioneering facility that houses two high-end electron microscopes: one to resolve the structure of large protein and nucleic acid complexes and the other to study materials at the atomic scale. Created thanks to the joint action of several research institutions, including the CSIC, it is located at the ALBA Synchrotron (Cerdanyola, Barcelona) and is open to the entire scientific community.

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Distinkt, a new ICN2, CSIC and UAB company, will commercialise high-security inks based on nanotechnology

The inks are based on nano and micro particles that change colour or fluoresce when irradiated with infrared light. They are dynamic and adaptable, therefore they can be customised to produce various results. The solution helps to combat counterfeiting of official documents, banknotes, luxury products and other goods.

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Adsorbent material from stainless steel slag for eliminating pollutants

CSIC teams have developed a methodology to revalorise stainless steel slag from steel mills and transform it into an adsorbent material, which can be used for the treatment of effluents and industrial wastewater or for the purification of air pollutants.

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Smart packaging that monitors the cold chain

An ICMAB project explores a new type of time-temperature indicators based on organic semiconductors to provide visual signals of unwanted exposure to elevated temperatures and verify the cold chain. They are especially thought for pharmaceutical, medical and food industry products.

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Photocatalysts to purify water using sunlight

Scientists have developed a new photocatalyst that can eliminate almost all organic pollutants present in water, using sunlight as a source of activation. Developed by CSIC, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the University of Castilla la Mancha, it is currently available for industrial partners interested in its development and commercialisation.

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