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Nanotechnology-based dynamic iris to correct eye diseases

Scientists from the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM-CSIC) and the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) have developed a dynamic iris that adapts to light and simulates the real response of the human eye because of its composition. A polymer of ophthalmological application to implement in contact lenses or eye prostheses.

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Self-assembled microspheres of silica to cool surfaces without energy consumption

Researchers from the ICN2 and the ICMM-CSIC have developed a new material able to cool another one by emitting infrared radiation. The results are published in Small and are expected to be used in devices where an increase in temperature has drastic effects on performance, like solar panels and computer systems, among other applications.

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Ultralight, elastic and highly porous graphene oxide aerogels

CSIC scientists at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona have developed and patented a method based on the use of supercritical CO2 to produce graphene oxide aerogels on a large scale and in a sustainable way. Similar to a sponge, the material has oxygenated groups suitable to perform chemical transformations à la carte for every desired application. Industrial partners are sought for further development.

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Imitating the morphology of animals and plants for improving materials

Scientists in the European project LiNaBioFluid have researched the microstructures that give amazing qualities to animals and plants. These microstructures can be reproduced by laser on several materials to overcome technological issues. Now, a new project, will implement some of the results copying vegetal morphologies on natural stones to protect them and extend its lifetime.

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A novel high-performance graphene fabrication method

Researchers from the CSIC and the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2-BIST) have recently developed a novel electrochemical reactor and procedure to fabricate graphene. This method has been tested as a prototype and shows high performance and fine tuning of the graphene oxidation. Graphene producers are being sought to collaborate and/or exploit the existing know-how through a patent license agreement.

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