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New method to obtain nanostructures with previously impossible geometries

Scientists at the CSIC and the Porto University have developed a method for obtaining nanostructures of diverse ferromagnetic materials, which can be applied to magnetic, nanophotonic and magnonic devices. The new procedure avoids the standard lithographic techniques, and shortens production time and economic cost.

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A greener technology for producing permanent strontium ferrite magnets with high coercive field

CSIC has developed a permanent magnet with high coercive field through a sintering process with hard magnetic ferrite particles and an organic solvent. This material can replace magnets based on rare earths in applications that require a high working temperature.

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Shape-memory polymer that responds to two stimuli

The CSIC and the University of Mons have developed a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer that changes its shape in response to a first stimulus, and recovers its original state in response to a second and different stimulus. Companies interested in the patent license are sought.

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A nanomaterial capable of eliminating coronavirus can be applied in masks and fabric

This material is based on copper nanoparticles that block the functional proteins of SARS-CoV-2, especially protein spike, which allows the virus to infect cells.

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Sustainable porous carbon 3D structures for multiple applications

CSIC researchers have developed porous carbon 3D structures based on whey in a totally sustainable process. The pieces can be obtained in a broad variety of geometries and sizes for adjusting them to different sectors and functions, such as biomedical engineering, chemistry, environment and electrochemistry.

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