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A portable device to measure photocatalytic activity of materials

Scientists at the CSIC have developed a device called “pholouring” to instantly measure the photo-catalytic activity of materials. The device detects the photo-catalytic activity through probes and color indicators which are in contact with the analysed material. Virtually any material, either solid, liquid or a solution, can be tested.

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A device for reducing emissions in exhaust end pipes to near zero

Scientists at the CSIC have developed a photocatalytical device, which can be implemented in the exhaust end pipes of motor vehicles. It eliminates some of the pollutants contained in the smoke generated by combustion.

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Three-dimensional structures of nanowires

Scientists at the Microelectronics Institute of Madrid have developed a new method to obtain 3D structures of nanowires. It is based on the use of  porous templates, which are used as moulds. The applications are diverse in microelectronics, optic devices or energy sectors.

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Non-toxic antimicrobial zinc oxide microparticles

Scientists at the CSIC have developed zinc oxide microstructures which have a very high antimicrobial activity, compared to the commercial nanoparticles. The particles obtained by the CSIC scientists have low toxicity, as they release low levels of toxic ions and reactive oxygen species. They can be applied for the elimination inhibition of microorganisms growing.

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A temperature sensor in a wire

Scientists have developed a temperature sensor based on materials that deform with high temperatures. It is a microwire coated with concentric layers of different materials. Very small, it is a few millimeters larger and has a diameter of 40 micrometers.

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