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A temperature sensor in a wire

Scientists have developed a temperature sensor based on materials that deform with high temperatures. It is a microwire coated with concentric layers of different materials. Very small, it is a few millimeters larger and has a diameter of 40 micrometers.

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Composites of nanocellulose and fibrous clay with special properties

CSIC scientists have obtained a material which combines nanocellulose and fibrous clays. It can be specifically modified for different applications. Similar to paper, the material can be used to obtain special papers such as bank notes, antimicrobial packages for food products, conductor or magnetic papers.

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Glass against harmful bacteria and fungi

This new group of glass materials with biocide activity eliminates over 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms, but has no toxic effects on the environment and on eukaryotic organisms (like animals and humans). This development could enable interesting applications for biomedical uses, water treatment and food packaging.

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Solid blue-emitter in the UV-visible

At the CSIC’s Instituto de Ciencia de Materials de Madrid, scientists have obtained a new xerogel (a solid formed from a gel by drying, eliminating the solvent) which can be used as a blue emitter in solid state. It may be applicable to the fabrication of optoelectronics devices, fluorescent sensors, and organic light emitting diodes.

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A green laser oven makes better glass and ceramics

Scientists at the CSIC and at the Universidad de Zaragoza have developed an oven with laser technology for industrial production of ceramic and glass more resistant. It uses less energy and material, and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

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