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Cinco iniciativas del CSIC, entre los ganadores del fondo de emprendedores Repsol

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En total son nueve los ganadores, seleccionados entre las más de 200 propuestas candidatas. Desarrollaran soluciones innovadoras en el campo de la eficiencia energética.

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Graphene nanofluids for faster batteries

Scientists from the CSIC and ICN2 have developed a new type of fluids with graphene and other carbon nanoparticles for energy storage in flow-cells. The nanofluids can be used in applications that require high power and medium energy densities.

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A low-cost photonic microchip with integrated light source for analyzing liquids

Scientists at the CSIC’s Instituto de Microelectrónica Barcelona have developed a photonic microchip which, for the first time, integrates a  light source. By making use of a robust and flexible technology, this microchip can measure color changes in liquids with high accuracy. Its applicability ranges from biomedical analysis to food safety or environmental applications.

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Method to characterize chips without touching them

New technique based on thermography enables a fast and contacless characterization of the wireless electronic components of the radiofrequency identification systems, like contactless credit cards and similar.

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Workday on microsensors and opportunities in biodiagnosis

On Friday 19th June, the Group of Chemical Transducers at the CSIC’s Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona organizes a session to show the opportunities of microsensors in the field of bio-diagnosis. Participation is free but registration is required.

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