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The CSIC introduces new nanotechnologies at Imaginenano 2018

The CSIC has been present in Imaginenano 2018, the fourth edition of the biggest European event in nanoscience and nanotechnology, which took place in Bilbao (Spain).


One of the CSIC scientists giving a lecture at Imaginenano 2018.The Barcelona Microelectronics Institute (IMB-CNM), the Micro and Nanotechnology Institute (IMN), and the Center of Research in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (CNN), were present in a common exhibition stand.

There, scientists and technicians were showing the technologies, activities and services, such as the Clean Room or the Nanofoundry facilities and laboratories which are part of the NFFA-Europe network.

At the Industrial Forum, the CSIC has introduced several technologies and maintained interviews with companies.

Avelino Corma, a scientist at the Chemical Technology Institute (CSIC-UPV), spoke about Nanoscience in the Plenary session. Also Pedro Gomez-Romero, CSIC scientist at the ICN2, gave a lecture about graphene nanofluids for electrochemical applications; and Alicia de Andrés, CSIC scientist, spoke about graphene biosensors and image techniques.

Other lectures were by  Andrés Gomez Rodriguez, a ICMAB-CSIC scientist (Disclosing piezogeneration at the nanoscale with Direct Piezoelectric Force Microscopy); Pablo Ordejón, from the ICN2 (Layered and 2D materials: electronic properties and structural instabilities from first principles); and Carmen Mijangos, from the CSIC-ICTP (Challenges in polymer nanotechnology applications: patterning strategies and polymer cofinement effect).

At the composites session, there were  Anna Roig, from the ICMAB-CSIC (Bacterial Nanocellulose: Surface Microstructuration and Composites);  Migu el Angel López Manchado, from the ICTP – CSIC (Multifunctional Properties of Rubber Nanocomposites); Manuel Belmonte, from the ICV-CSIC (Multifunctional ceramic/graphene composites). Daniele Cangialosi, from the Center of Materials Physics of the CSIC, gave the lecture “Accessing low energy glasses by polymer nanostructuring”.

At the industrial Forum, Javier Maira, from the CSIC, made a lecture in the technology transfer session (Strategies on technology transfer and patent commercialization for nanotechnology at the CSIC). Also, Lluis Fonseca, from the IMB-CNM (The National Microelectronics Center and its Clean Room for Micro and Nano Research), and Albert Guerrero, from IMB-CNM.

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