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A natural food coating prevents the formation of acrylamide in food

A Spanish team from the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (CSIC) has patented a natural food coating that reduces the formation of acrylamide up to 80% in food and the formation of hydroxymethylfurfural up to 98%. Acrylamide and hydroxymethylfurfural are potentially carcinogenic compounds that naturally occur in certain foods during cooking, frying, baking or roasting, at temperatures of 120oC or higher. This is the first product that avoids these two compounds occurring, and may provide a solution to a problem that has concerned food safety agencies in the last few years.

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First specific starter for Cabrales cheese

A Spanish team has obtained a specific starter for Cabrales cheese that will enable a better control of the fermentation process and a more homogeneous production.

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Meat products with algae and little salt

CSIC researchers have developed a procedure based on the addition of algae, which allows to reduce the salt content in meat products maintaining a good quality and organoleptic properties.

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System to control common foodborne pathogens

Spanish scientists at CSIC have developed a new system to control common foodborne pathogens, such as salmonella, E.coli or listeria, in ready to eat fresh vegetables products.

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Food ingredients with antihypertensive activity

A double-blind clinical trial has demonstrated the antihypertensive activity of peptids isolated from milk proteins. The peptids will be commercialized by the Spanish biotech company Innaves as a food ingredients.

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