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European project to fight olive-oil fraud

The OLEUM project has a budget of 5 million euros and the col•laboration of 20 institutions from 15 countries, the CSIC among them. The project is aimed at verifying the quality of the oils and creating an international network to offer information about the product.  

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A new project to develop cereals resistant to drought

Improving plant resistance to drought is the main goal of a project selected by the European Research Council (ERC) in the Consolidator Grants and led by the Center of Research in Agrigenomics (CRAG). It is aimed at improving crops to handle climatic change.

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Anti-inflammatory peptid from plant proteins

The Instituto de la Grasa of the CSIC has obtained a peptide from plant proteins that shows anti-inflammatory activity and stimulate the immune system. With a high solubility in a wide range of pH, it can be considered as a hypoallergenic product and could be applied in anti-inflammatory drugs, functional foods or cosmetic formulations.

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Scientists find out how tomatoes turn to red when seeds are ripe

CSIC scientists at the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) unveil that tomatoes have ‘recycled’ a light-dependent mechanism to modulate fruit ripening.

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Beans can also be a snack

Researchers of the Galicia Biological Mission (MBG) of the CSIC have obtained new varieties of beans. One of them called Pop, or nuñas, which can be prepared as a snack and the Ollo de Pita beans, a traditional variety with high gastronomical and culinary value. This centre has been working for a long time to improve the different crops of the Galician region and for the conservation of its plant genetic resources.

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