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The SETAC next meeting will be held in Barcelona

The SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Annual Meeting will be held in Barcelona from May the 3rd to the 5th. The Congress will discuss on environmental pollution, its effects on human health and ecosystems and pollution remediation. This edition celebrates the 25th  anniversary of its delegation in Europe.

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Human activity may be supporting growth of harmful algae in lakes

Scientists at the CSIC and CREAF have been involved in an international study that quantifies the correlation between the increasing use of fertilizers and detergents rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, and the proliferation of potentially harmful ‘blue-green’ algae in lakes all over the world. The algae proliferation has increased disproportionately over the past two centuries relative to other species, with the greatest increases since 1945.

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A project to find out the effects of pollutants on runners

Does the benefit of running surpass the risk of pollution exposure in cities?  An experiment with 22 volunteers tries to find an answer. Led by the IDAEA-CSIC, the experiment Expo-Cov is carried out in three Spanish cities: Barcelona, Puerto Llano and Ciudad Real.

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Project to analyze and improve the air quality in underground rail

A European project will develop strategies to improve air quality in underground rail systems worldwide.

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LIFE Trivers: to know, protect and restore temporary rivers in Europe

To study temporary rivers’ hydrology and ecology, to create new tools to improve their management and to facilitate decision making considering the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) are the main objectives of the European project LIFE Trivers.

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