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Alternative methods to understand the water regime of the temporary rivers

The Water Framework Directive of the European Union obliges to the management of all rivers with basins higher than 10 square kilometers, but disregards temporary rivers, with a variable water regime. A new study shows that interviews with neighbors and a series of high-resolution air photographs is an alternative way to find out information about the situation of temporary rivers when there is not enough hydrological data.

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A project will study the climate change impact on marine organisms

The European project CERES, which just has been launched, will focus on the impact of climate change impact on most important fishes, crustaceans and shellfish populations in Europe, its habitats and the economic activities that depend on these species.

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More than 50% of Socotra’s reptiles, still undiscovered

A study led by CSIC scientists unveils that over 50% of reptile species in Socotra Archipelago, Yemen, could be unknown. The result comes out from the sequencing of the gene ‘COI’, which is common to all animals. The technique, the so called DNA barcoding, enables cheap and quick identification of species.

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This moth mates as a butterfly

A study conducted by scientists from the CSIC and the UAB describes the first known case of a female moth which has lost the pheromone gland, therefore doesn’t produce pheromones to attract males and it behaves like day-flying butterflies.

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Sea warming effects on ecosystems

The sea temperature rise is a key element closely related to the climate change. How does it happen? How does it affect marine organisms? In the Mediterranean Sea, scientists are monitoring seawater temperatures at different depths and investigating the impacts on marine ecosystems.

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