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Sustainable fishing is profitable

Countries that have applied the FAO’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries have improved their fishery resources and the quality of catches, according to a new study led by CSIC. The most sustainable fishery is in Canada (Pacific coast), Australia and the USA (Pacific coast); the less sustainable is in Turkey, South Korea and Malaysia.

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Sea’s health in a drop

Scientists are working to obtain the genetic sequence of phytoplankton to discover which species compose it and which of them live in every water, either pristine or polluted. These new technologies will enable the development of kits to analyze the sea’s health just with a drop of water.

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TOSCA. Improving response to maritime accidents

Oil spills are a serious threat for marine ecosystems. The decisions taken just after the accident are crucial in minimizing the effects. Very often, these decisions depend on the forecast for oil spill movement. The question then is, are good enough the current models for oil spill forecasts? Is it possible to improve them?

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DEVOTES. Understanding the seas biodiversity to protect them

The Instituto de Ciencias del Mar in Barcelona is involved on the European project DEVOTES, aimed to assess the marine ecosystems state of health.  Scientists will recommend European authorities the measures that will help to achieve a sustainable management of the ocean.

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TOSCA project. Experimental survey in Eivissa

The 4th TOSCA experimental survey took place off the coasts of Balearic Islands.

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