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The ResCap project keeps on recovering by-catch gorgonians

The ResCap project has been renewed. Along 2018, 450 gorgonians have been returned to the continental shelf in the Cap de Creus (Girona). After a year of close cooperation between scientists and fishermen, the team will keep on recovering the by-catch gorgonians along 2019.

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Device for restoring soils and creating vegetation covers

A CSIC research team has created a device for restoring degraded or polluted soils and creating vegetation covers. It can be adapted to the needs of different soils and ecosystems, as the amendments into its two different compartments can be adapted to the local soil to restore.

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A European project installs ozone sensors in the homes of citizens

Low cost sensors for measuring ozone have been installed in homes from rural areas. The obtained data can be seen on the Captor app and in real time. The CAPTOR project scientists and citizens working together in finding solutions for the problem of ozone pollution

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Obtained a bionanohybrid material for quick removal of organic pollutants

Scientists from the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC) have synthesized a bionanohybrid material, composed of an enzyme and an iron carbonate nanorods structure. It allows the complete elimination of organic pollutants in extremely short times.

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Residues of drugs and personal care products can affect crops

Residues of drugs and personal care products in wastewater can affect the morphology and metabolism of plants, as a research by CSIC scientists demonstrate. The research is aimed at establishing improved safety conditions for treated wastewater for irrigation.

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