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The first global genetic catalogue of the ocean microbiome

The Tara Oceans expedition describes the unknown planktonic diversity of the planetary ocean. CSIC scientists have participated in this project whose first results are published in a special issue of Science. This first global genetic catalogue of the ocean microbiome includes several million genes, 80% of which are totally new to science.

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Urban River Lab, a lab to improve the management of urban rivers

To improve quality and ecological status of water coming from wastewater treatment plants and to contribute to a sustainable management of water resources are the main objectives of the Urban River Lab (URL), an experimental outdoor lab located at the Montornès wastewater treatment plant.

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The SETAC next meeting will be held in Barcelona

The SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Annual Meeting will be held in Barcelona from May the 3rd to the 5th. The Congress will discuss on environmental pollution, its effects on human health and ecosystems and pollution remediation. This edition celebrates the 25th  anniversary of its delegation in Europe.

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Recommendations to reduce the atmospheric pollution

Scientists involved on the European project  AIRUSE LIFE+ have delivered the authorities the results of this project, including recommendations for minimizing the atmospheric pollution in Southern European cities. Certification of biomass burning systems and pellets, the implementation of low emission zones, and eco-labelling for all cars, are some of the recomended measures.

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Investigaciones sobre contaminantes emergentes: sustancias cotidianas con efectos tóxicos

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Científicos del IDAEA-CSIC trabajan para conocer el impacto ambiental de los contaminantes emergentes. Como los insecticidas piretroides, de uso muy común, que son tóxicos y acumulables. O los nuevos retardantes de llama, con efectos tóxicos parecidos a los antiguos retardantes ya prohibidos.

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