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Human activity may be supporting growth of harmful algae in lakes

Scientists at the CSIC and CREAF have been involved in an international study that quantifies the correlation between the increasing use of fertilizers and detergents rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, and the proliferation of potentially harmful ‘blue-green’ algae in lakes all over the world. The algae proliferation has increased disproportionately over the past two centuries relative to other species, with the greatest increases since 1945.

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An app offers guided routes of the Pyrenean water ecosystems

CSIC and CREAF scientists who are working together at two labs, the Limnological Observatory of the Pyrinees (LOOP) and the Movement Ecology Laboratory (MoveLab), have developed a new app. It is called “Eth Holet” and offers guided nature walks in the Vall d’Aran using the GPS.

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Plant certification service

This Service at the Botanic Institute of Barcelona identifies vegetal samples (plants, seeds or vegetal fragments). Through several molecular techniques, identifies which species or varieties compose any vegetal product or pack of seeds. They also offer assessment in environmental subjects such as impact studies, characteristics of invasive species or plans for recovering threatened species.

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Laboratory of Palynology and Paleoecology

Pollen analysis allows scientists to characterize certify the botanical origin of honey. But also allows the reconstruction  of past vegetation and landscape. This is what scientists do in the Laboratory of Palynology and Paleoecoclogy, at the Instituto Botánico de Barcelona.

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Project to analyze and improve the air quality in underground rail

A European project will develop strategies to improve air quality in underground rail systems worldwide.

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