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A European project installs ozone sensors in the homes of citizens

Low cost sensors for measuring ozone have been installed in homes from rural areas. The obtained data can be seen on the Captor app and in real time. The CAPTOR project scientists and citizens working together in finding solutions for the problem of ozone pollution

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Residues of drugs and personal care products can affect crops

Residues of drugs and personal care products in wastewater can affect the morphology and metabolism of plants, as a research by CSIC scientists demonstrate. The research is aimed at establishing improved safety conditions for treated wastewater for irrigation.

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Improving artisanal fishing techniques for mitigating their impact on the seabed of Cap de Creus

Fishermen and scientists will explore the seabed with submarine robots in order to assess the impact of fishing activities and design environmentally friendly techniques. Led by the CSIC, and with the contribution of fishermen from Port de la Selva and Cadaqués, the project will take place in a marine area of 9,000 square meters, which has been recently declared Site of Community Interest. With the contribution of Fundación Biodiversidad from the Spanish MAPAMA, trough the Pleamar Program, co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

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Scientists and fishermen will cooperate to replant the by-catch gorgonians

Gorgonians will be replanted in the same zones where they were accidentally fished. Gorgonians create habitats where fish larvae and juveniles find shelter and food. Led by the CSIC, the project counts on the contribution of fishermen, and Fundación Biodiversidad from the Spanish MAPAMA.

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Trapping pollutants

Once a new pollutant is identified until tools and regulations are developed for its control, what exactly do scientists in their research? The case of organic pollutants in water is a paradigmatic example of a long and complicated research. Includes since finding how pollutants spread in the environment and their toxicity, until the establishment of regulations and the development of analytical methods.

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