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Organic pollutants: almost everything is now detected

R+D CSIC 30 years

Nowadays, environmental monitoring involves the analysis of any sample (water, food, soil...) and has moved from analysing a limited number of pollutants to "non-target" analysis, in which almost everything in the sample is detected without restrictions. And at previously impossible levels: contaminants can now be detected at concentrations of less than 1 part per billion.

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CSIC's Marine Technology Unit incorporates a new robot AUV

NEMO is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can reach 500 meters deep carrying various instruments for marine exploration. Its open architecture will allow carrying out tasks in different areas of marine science: marine resources, geological risks, underwater archaeology, conservation of marine habitats or monitoring natural reserves.

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Aquatic plants contribute to clean waters, scientists confirm

Bioengineering techniques and plants contribute to clean waters, as scientific research developed in the Urban River Lab has demonstrated. The Urban River Lab (URL) focuses on improving management of highly modified rivers, whose waters come mainly from treatment plants.

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A method to detect from a single sample nanoplastics and their composition in water

Scientists at the IDAEA-CSIC have developed the first method that allows double screening to detect the presence of six polymers and 29 additives from a single sample. This cutting-edge methodology has been validated in the Ebro Delta, where they have analysed water samples from the river and from the sea. They are now working to apply this method to other environmental and human samples.

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Urban River Lab, a lab to improve the management of urban rivers

To improve quality and ecological status of water coming from wastewater treatment plants and to contribute to a sustainable management of water resources are the main objectives of the Urban River Lab (URL), an experimental outdoor lab located at the Montornès wastewater treatment plant.

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