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Safe, real-time and low cost fingerprint recognition method

The CSIC, in collaboration with the Universidad de Sevilla, has developed and patented a microelectronic device that provides real-time human recognition from a fingerprint image. This system, which is safe, fast and low cost, enables incorporating real-time human recognition into everyday objects.

This system, which is safe, fast and low cost, offers the posibility of incorporating real-time human recognition into everyday objects.Biometrics is an identification technology based on the recognition of unique attributes of a person. Fingerprint recognition is widely accepted for reasons: distinctiveness and user friendliness.


In general, a recognition system compares an input fingerprint with other previously enrolled fingerprints. Hence, the procedure comprises the capture of a fingerprint image, extraction of distinctive features, and matching of the extracted features with other previously stored templates.

Most of fingerprint recognition systems are software solutions that execute algorithms of high computational cost. These systems are useful for applications such as criminal and forensic, which do not require instantaneous response, or for devices that contain powerful microprocessors, such as computers or smartphones. But real-time and ubiquitous applications, in which the user collaborates to be authenticated by any smart object, demand low-cost solutions with high speed and usability (in terms of size, weight, and power consumption), which are not available nowadays. Other drawbacks of current solutions are their low revocability and security.

To solve these problems, scientists at the CSIC and at the Universidad de Sevilla have developed a fingerprint recognition method that can be embedded in an object by including a fingerprint sensor and a processing chip with very low memory and computing resources which require very low power consumption. The method can be implemented in integrated circuits, providing high processing speed, low power consumption and low price. It allows also performing the whole recognition process in the same device, which is known as “authentication on card”.

This microelectronic device allows multi-biometric recognition, combining the feature vectors extracted from several fingers or several samples from the same finger to obtain a digital identifier vector of the individual. It enables the combination of the fingerprint identification with keys or passwords.

It offers high security because the information stored is not sensitive and it can be revoked. In addition, the device can generate cryptographic keys. And allows real-time user-interaction to avoid low quality fingerprint captures that could decrease the quality of the procedure.


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