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Membrane technology for gas separation

Scientists at the Instituto de Tecnología Química have made a big step towards the gas separation through membrane technology. It enables the adaptation of the membranes to separate different gases and can have applications in several industrial sectors.

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Resorbable membranes for guided bone regeneration, "à la carte"

A methodology to produce polymeric membranes, which are biodegradable, resorbable and especially suited for facilitating guided bone regeneration, has been developed and patented.  The methodology includes an activation process for altering in a controlled way the chemical composition and the roughness of the first layers of the film, according to specific needs.

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Ecofriendly catalytic method to obtain aldehydes and ketones

The CSIC has developed a catalytic procedure which enables a highly selective oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes and ketones, using minimum amounts of Palladium catalysts. In contrast with the current methodologies, additives are not needed which means significant economic and environmental advantages. Industrial partners are sought.

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Modification of peptides “à la carte”

Scientists at CSIC's Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología (IPNA) have obtained a customizable unit which can be selectively modified in the presence of natural amino acids and other convertible units, affording optically pure products. It can be transformed into a wide variety of derivatives and offers the possibility of obtaining products “à la carte”.

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Antioxidant and surfactant: two in one compound

The CSIC has patented compounds derived from commercial alkyl gallates antioxidants (E310, E311 and E312, used as food additives) which, in addition to keep similar antioxidant activity, have surfactant properties comparable to commercial non-ionic surfactants. These compounds could be used to develop cosmetic, personal care products, food, agrochemical, fuel, and pharmaceutical products.

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