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Derivates of quinolones for cancer treatment

New derivatives of quinolones suitable for cancer treatment have been developed. The compounds are promising as they could offer a new pharmacological option when drug resistance appears.

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High sensitive sensor for the detection of mercury in water

Current technologies to analize mercury in water are either laboratory tools that need expert personal or portable systems with poor sensitivity.

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Natural ceramides from wool to protect skin

A group of CSIC researchers has developed a method for extracting the internal lipids of wool, which contains a high concentration of ceramides very similar to humans. This lipids could be applied to the treatment of skin problems such as atopic skin.

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Compounds to enhance immune responses

The CSIC and two universities from Spain have synthesised new compounds to promote proliferation of natural killer T-cells, involved in immune responses.

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Safer and durable PVC with no phthalates leaking

CSIC researchers have developed a procedure for obtaining a safer and durable PVC that has zero migration of phthalates.

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