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Trapping and transforming CO2 into raw material

One strategic line of scientific research is to find out ways of trapping and transforming CO2 into a raw material. A scientific team at CSIC has led the development of a catalyser that allows transforming CO2 into derivates of acid formic.


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Enzimas de hongos para producir biodiesel

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Una investigación internacional con participación de investigadores del CSIC ha desarrollado un nuevo tipo de catalizadores híbridos orgánicos-inorgánicos a través de la encapsulación de enzimas aisladas de hongos en el seno de nanoesferas huecas. Delimitadas por una cubierta porosa de sílice, podrían ser empleadas como biocatalizadores para la producción de biodiesel de manera más eficiente.


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The CSIC in Expoquimia

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) will participate in Expoquimia, the leading event for the chemistry sector in southern Europe with exhibitors and speakers from around the world, between the 14th and 18th November.

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Waste water analysis reveals real time information regarding drug consumption in 19 European cities

Waste water analysis using urinary biomarkers allows the reliable detection of actual drug consumption in cities. For the first time, a wide group of scientists have carried out a comparative study regarding the consumption of illegal drugs in 19 European cities, four of which are Spanish, based on waste water analysis.


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Possible link between pollutants within human breast milk and oligospermia

New research by scientists at the CSIC, at Instituto Marques, and at the University of la Coruña, have analyzed the levels of endocrine disruptor pollutants within breast milk of a group of Spanish women. 34 women were from Catalonia, an industrialized region in the northeast of Spain, and 35 were from rural areas in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain.

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