The CSIC in Expoquimia

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) will participate in Expoquimia, the leading event for the chemistry sector in southern Europe with exhibitors and speakers from around the world, between the 14th and 18th November. The CSIC in the last edition of Expoquimia.The CSIC has prepared seminars and presentations at which scientists from several of the institution’s departments will be revealing the status of their latest research and other work. There will also be a scientific area and R&D&I centre that specifically addresses the goal of bringing the science and business worlds closer together.

Chemistry and industry

Organized by CSIC and Expoquimia, the Scientific coffee breaks is a chance to learn from CSICs scientists some of the last projects addressed to diverse industrial sectors.

How chemistry can help to environmental protection, to preserve the cultural heritage and to early medical diagnosis are the main subjects of these professional seminars. In more detail:

Monday 14: chemistry to efficiently produce drugs and to reduce the environmental impact.

Tuesday, 15: chemical reactions to reduce the CO2 emissions in coal combustion plants.

Thursday, 17: new compounds to easily separate pollutants from water.

Wednesday, 16: chemical sensors to control the air acidity that can be used to control the installations of museums or libraries, where cultural, artistic and historical objects are preserved.

Friday, 18: sensor for controlling different biomedical parameters, useful for early medical diagnosis.


Women and Chemistry

2011 has been declared by UNESCO as the International Year of Chemistry, as a commemoration of events such as the centenary anniversary of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for Marie Curie. But also, 2011 has been chosen as the International Year of Women Scientists.

Accordingly, Expoquimia has prepared a special event where women scientist will debate about the future of women in science, and specially in chemistry. In the sessions will participate scientist at CSIC.

Access is free but previous inscription is required. This can be done through the Expoquimia website: ( --> Professional seminars --> "Scientists designing the future of chemistry").

Another activity CSIC brings to Expoquimia is the exhibition “Entre moléculas”.

Two CSIC’s spin-offs in the Expoquimia Awards

This year two business initiatives launched by scientists at CSIC are recognised in the 2011 edition of Expoquimia Awards.

In the Biotechnology Cathegory, the award has been granted to the company BioGLane, a CSIC’s spin-off. Bioglane was created in 2007 and has developed biotechnological processes for the competitive production of novel iminosugars, particularly fagomine, a molecule that slows down the absorption of glucose and delays the onset of craving. The company has been created by scientists Pere Clapés, Jesús Joglar, Josep Lluís Torres and the manager Sergio Pumarola. D-fagomina open up an array of possibilities for the design and formulation of new functional foods.

In the Expoquimia Cathegory, a special mention has been awarded to Nanomol, a company created by scientists Jaume Veciana, Nora Ventosa and Santi Sala, at the CSIC’s Institut de Ciències Materials de Barcelona. Nanomol is a processing platform for obtaining new molecular materials, micro and nano-materials addressed to obtain new drugs. The Nanomol platform allows a better size control of the material, which can be therefore encapsulated as nanodrugs.