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Safer and durable PVC with no phthalates leaking

CSIC researchers have developed a procedure for obtaining a safer and durable PVC that has zero migration of phthalates.

The development is based on the modification of the plasticizers dialkyl phthalate or dialkyl isophthalate, which react chemically with the polymer to become permanently bonded to the internal structure of PVC. The new plasticized polymer keeps its properties unchanged throughout time and it's safer, as no phthalate migration can take place. The process, which has been patented, can be applied to all areas of soft PVC and is specially interesting for biomedical applications and toys for children. The new procedure can be easily applied to industry.

A high percentage of materials based on PVC contains phthalates to make them more flexible and easier to process. The problem is that, over time, phtalates can migrate from the PVC. This means not only that the material loses its properties but also that these harmful compounds are dispersed into the environment and enter the human and other animal organisms. This new procedure makes it possible to get safer PVC's.

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