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Artificial Intelligence for smarter sales

The CSIC’s Artificial Intelligence Research Institute collaborates with the start-up Enzyme Advising Consulting to develop the iKey Retail Performance software solution. iKey will assist companies to improve their sales processes.

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European project develops a system for radioactive threats and dirty bombs detection

An international consortium led by the CSIC will develop a mobile system based on microelectronic technologies. It will enable the detection of threats such as trafficking of illegal radioactive material or nuclear terrorism.


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Un proyecto europeo desarrollará bombillas LED más económicas para el hogar

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El Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica del CSIC participa en el proyecto CSSL (Consumerizing Solid State Lighting, Iluminación de Estado Sólido a nivel de consumidor), que tiene como objetivo conseguir bombillas LED más asequibles destinadas al mercado doméstico.

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