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Heat and vibrations to feed microbatteries

The European project Sinergy is aimed at the development of devices to harvest energy from the environment, and to store it.  Heat, bouncing or vibrations are a source of energy that can feed the intelligent sensors of the future.

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New power electronics, mission to Mercury

The Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona (IMB-CNM) takes part in Bepi-Colombo, the Europe's first mission to Mercury. The participation of the IMB-CNM, led by Philippe Godignon, a CSIC’s research professor, is focused on developing the protector diodes for the spacecraft’s solar panel. The team forms part of the LIA Wide Lab.

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Artificial Intelligence for smarter sales

The CSIC’s Artificial Intelligence Research Institute collaborates with the start-up Enzyme Advising Consulting to develop the iKey Retail Performance software solution. iKey will assist companies to improve their sales processes.

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Tourism information improved for people with reduced personal mobility

Iplusd Innova and the CSIC’s Artificial Intelligence Research Institute will develop an intelligent platform that will put together all relevant touristic information for people with reduced mobility and autonomy.

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European project develops a system for radioactive threats and dirty bombs detection

An international consortium led by the CSIC will develop a mobile system based on microelectronic technologies. It will enable the detection of threats such as trafficking of illegal radioactive material or nuclear terrorism.


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