A new international platform for contrasting and communicating the progress in Artificial Intelligence

Academic institutions and research organisations around the world have joined to create the Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AIhub). A non-profit organization that connects the AI community and aimed to be a quality filter for contrasting and communicating the progress of research in AI to society.

https://aihub.org/ homepage screenshot.The initiative was launched at the end of 2019 and it has a board of trustees from 10 international institutions. One of them is Carles Sierra, director of the Research Institute in Artificial Intelligence of the CSIC (IIIA-CSIC).

“The intention is to contrast the information and communicate it truthfully, without generating too many expectations in advances we have not reached yet”, explains Sierra. “Although recently there have been great progresses, we must be cautious. We have spent «many winters» in Artificial Intelligence, many periods of disappointment over unfulfilled expectations, and we have the obligation to communicate adequately so that society does not think that work in AI is always revolutionary and immediate”, he adds about the need of a better education in the possibilities of AI.

AIhub.org has already a website with daily and free updates with quality information, prepared directly by experts on the fields. It is an international and independent organization for, as they explain, ensuring impartial coverage of AI and generating an enriching debate about its role in society.

Sabela Rey Cao / Delegación del CSIC en Cataluña