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Making smart windows cheaper

Scientists at the CSIC have developed a technology that enables the production of smart windows with an easier and cheaper process, based on environmentally friendly materials. It allows control of the quantity of light that passes through a  window, which reduces visibility instantly. It can be applied to different kinds of surfaces and many architectonic elements.  



A prototype based on the new technology.This unprecedented new technology has been developed by the team led by scientists David Levy and Marcos Zayat, at the Photonics Materials department in the Science Materials Institute in Madrid. It is based on the controlled activation of chemical and physical reactions, which will cause the change in the glass from opacity to transparency. As a result, the glass controls the amount of solar light that is passing through, becomes opaque and reduces visibility.

From a practical point of view, this has different uses. Such as to give privacy, to cut down on the costs of air conditioning in summer and of heating in winter, or to control the natural light in a room.  

It can be activated by a remote control device and has a very short response time (few seconds), which is faster than other smart windows technologies.

This technology can be applied to different building elements: windows, doors, wall panels dividers for offices, solar shading elements, ceiling panels, skylights, mirrors or decorative elements. It also can be applied to a great variety of surfaces: flexible or rigid, curved or flat, and made of glass or polymer.

The production process, easier than other smart window technologies and based on environmentally friendly and cheap materials, reduces the production costs notably. Therefore,  it enables the large-scale production of smart surfaces.


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