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Nanoquim Workshop: material nanostructuration service

Next June 27th , the Nanoquim Workshop will take place at the Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona. It is a good opportunity to know the services offered by this Clean Room focused on material nanostructuration.

Poster of the workshop.Material nanostructuration is one of the strategic scientific domains of the CSIC’s  Institut de Ciència de Materials (ICMAB) de Barcelona. For this reason, it was created in 2007, the Nanoquim Platform, which was opened in January 2011. Nanoquim Platform is a 200 m2 of 10.000 class Clean Room equipped with near 30 scientific instruments supported by technical staff. The Facility is part of the ICMAB's Scientific & Technical Services.

Five laboratories form this 10.000 class clean room: Advanced optical lithography Lab., Characterization at the nanoscale of functional materials Laboratory, Physico-Chemical characterization and Nanofabrication Laboratory, Chemical synthesis Lab., and a highly control humidity Laboratory for non-aqueous solution deposition and growth of nanostructures.

The one day Workshop of the Nanoquim Platform intends to present the facilities and capabilities of the Nanoquim Platform of ICMAB to all the R&D&I community and welcome new users in the three operation modes available (self-user, user with technician support and user that demands a Clean Room service from the technicians (without the user participation).

In addition, during the meeting assistants will have the possibility to visit the installations, perform some experiments in the Laboratories and interact with the technical staff for present and future needs of the groups or companies.