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Economic inequality, war and peace

Does economical inequality lead to social conflict?  Is it possible to measure the factors lead drive to conflict? Is it possible to develop tools to avoid or to minimize it? Scientists at the CSIC's Instituto de Análisis Económico (IAE) work to analyze the social factors that increase the probability and severity of social conflicts.

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First evidence of spices used almost 7.000 years ago

Garlic mustard was used as a spice 7,000 years ago, as archeologists from England, Spain, Denmark and Germany found out.  The scientists have analyzed microfossils of  food deposits from pots found at three archeological sites: Akonge and Steno (Denmark) and Neustadt (Germany).

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Buscando el origen de la dieta y de la cocina

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Arqueólogos encuentran evidencias del uso de plátano hace 4.000 años en zonas donde este fruto no es natural ni se cultivaba entonces. El hallazgo replantea aspectos sobre las relaciones sociales de aquellas comunidades.

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Recovering Hernandez de Toledo's works

Historians at the Institución Milà y Fontanals are working to recover Francisco Hernandez’s works. Hernandez, who was a naturalist and physician in the Court of Philip II of Spain, is the author of the biggest compilation known of America’s fauna and flora.

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Computer simulation to understand history

Understanding the most recent history is not an easy task and depends on the data available. So, why should be easier the interpretation of more ancient events? As a matter of fact, there are discoveries that contradict old theories about humankind history. Could new technologies and simulation tools help to read again our history? Could they help to understand society behavior in the past and nowadays? That’s the goal of Simulpast project.

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