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Microbridles for measuring arterial diameter and cardiovascular prevention

Researchers at the CSIC, together with the University of Seville, have developed a low cost microdevice for blood vessel monitoring. The device enables a quantitative and real-time measurement of blood vessel´s properties, which can help the diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in humans and animals.

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Bioreactor for cell cultures reproduces in vivo-like conditions

A new bioreactor for cell cultures has been developed and patented. It enables the reproduction of in vivo cellular behaviors. Also permits simultaneous two, three or more cell cultures. Only one part of the reactor is disposable, which decreases the lab material expenses. 

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Kit to predict success of lupus nephritis treatment

The CSIC and the Hospital Vall d’Hebron have developed a prognosis method for lupus nephritis based on the quantification of the level of gene expression in urine of Neuropilin 1 gene (NRP1). Companies interested in manufacturing and marketing the prognosis kit based on this technology are sought.

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An amazing enzyme by directed evolution

Scientists at the CSIC have obtained a laccase enzyme which can have very different uses: from fuel cell to oxygen detection, bioremediation or ecological pulp bleaching.

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Chimera peptides for early detection of rheumatoid arthritis

Detecting early rheumatoid arthritis is essential in preventing the worst consequences. New ELISA sensors enable a higher sensitivity and specificity than current tests. The sensors are based on synthetic ‘chimera ’ peptides which have, together in a single molecule, regions of several proteins containing the structural changes that happen in rheumatoid arthritis.

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