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Biofunctional dressing to heal critical wounds

Two-layer dressings that facilitate the healing of wounds have been developed by CSIC scientists. The dressings are specially indicated for patients with low blood supply, with diabetes or elderly people. The product has been patented. Industrial partners are sought for license agreements or for keeping on with the research.

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Obtaining pharmacological products from the ticks

Scientists at the Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiologia de Salamanca (IRNASA) have obtained a method to detect the soft thick O.moubata. Also they are studying the tick saliva as a valuable source for drugs and vaccines.


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New peptide to treat inflammatory bowel diseases

Scientists at CSIC and at the Imperial College London have synthesized a new peptide that promotes and inhibits inflammatory pattern in intestinal dendritic cells.

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New derivatives of tamoxifen with less adverse effects

Scientists at CSIC and at University of La Laguna have patented new compounds derived from tamoxifen, one of the most commonly used cancer-fighting drugs. The new molecules could be used as an alternative treatment to tamoxifen, as they don't have its adverse effects, and as diagnostic biomarkers due to their fluorescence quality. They could be used also as a laser pigment.

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How to stimulate lymphocytes against cancer

The antioxidant enzyme SOD-3 (superoxide dismutase-3), which is produced in the human cell membrane, can help the immune system to eliminate tumour cells, as scientists found out. The discovery suggests new strategies to fight cancer.


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