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A spin-off company will develop a monoclonal antibody to treat autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis

The antibody acts on the immune system to increase anti-inflammatory activity and attenuate inflammation. It will be developed by the Inhibitec Anticuerpos company, created by the scientists who created the technology at the CSIC and the University of Cantabria.

A monoclonal antibody is a molecule that recognizes and binds an antigen. / IBBTECA team of researchers from the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC), a joint centre of the CSIC, the University of Cantabria and the Government of Cantabria, have created a technology-based company to develop a monoclonal antibody that can be applied in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, mainly psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Inhibitec Anticuerpos S.L. is a biotechnology company aimed at carrying out the pre-clinical and clinical studies. The company was created in 2019.

The company is based on the technological results obtained by researchers Ramón Merino, from the CSIC, and Jesús Merino, from the University of Cantabria. Both institutions have signed a license agreement with the company for the development and exploitation of the technology.

“A monoclonal antibody is a molecule that recognizes and binds with great specificity to the antigen. In our case, the monoclonal antibody we have developed recognizes and inhibits BAMBI, a cell membrane molecule that antagonizes TGFbeta signaling”, the researchers point out.

Inhibition of the BAMBI molecule reduces the proliferation of Th17 lymphocytes, which have inflammatory capacity, and simultaneosusly increases the number and functional activity of anti-inflammatory Treg cells. “Current therapeutic options focus exclusively on blocking pro-inflammatory components of the immune System. On the contrary, the technology we have developed acts on both pro- and anti-inflammatory cells, increasing their therapeutic potential to fight autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis'.

The company was presented last November at IBBTEC, where it will develop the project within one of the laboratories of the OpenLab-IBBTEC Business Bioincubator, the platform that helps researchers and entrepreneurs to transform their scientific results into products. and innovative services.

Inhibitec Anticuerpos was selected within the framework of the OpenLab-Innova 2021 call. Piero Crespo, director of IBBTEC, welcomed the company in an event that was attended by the vice president of Scientific and Technical Research of the CSIC, Jesús Marco, the vice-rector of Transfer and Entrepreneurship of the University of Cantabria, Daniel Pérez, and the CEO of Inhibitec Anticuerpos, Gabriel Mesquida.

The IBBTEC OpenLab Bioincubator offers pre-equipped laboratories, scientific-technical services and specialized support for the launch and maturation of scientific and technological-based business projects, both to companies and entrepreneurs willing to start their activity and start within a research centre.

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