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Fagomine, effective in long term prevention of type 2 diabetes risk factors

Researchers from the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia CSIC study the beneficial effects of natural compounds in food. According to the conclusions of a recent study, fagomine, a natural molecule, counteracts the effects of a high-fat diet.

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Obtained a synthetic single molecule which inhibits the anticoagulant heparin

Scientists at the IQAC-CSIC have obtained a synthetic single molecule which inhibits heparin, the most used anticoagulant drug nowadays. The development has been possible by dynamic combinatorial chemistry. Dynamic chemistry makes possible quickly discovering active molecules and drugs.

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Low cost technology for the early diagnosis of cystinuria

Scientists at the Instituto de Química Avanzada de Catalunya of the CSIC have developed a technology for the precise and early diagnosis of cystinuria disease,  through urine testing. It is based on molecular networks to produce a measurable signal when some substances are linked to a specific molecule.

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Scientists study the role of a protein in the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Scientists at the Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques (CSIC-IDIBAPS) and at the Institut de Química Avançada de Catalunya, of the CSIC, have been awarded one of the 6 grants of the BBVA Foundation for biomedical research. The scientists will study the implication of a protein in  Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which is involved in obesity related diseases.

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New materials for brain repair and neuronal regeneration

MAGBBRIS, a recently approved European project, which counts on the ICMAB-CSIC participation, will develop magnetic nano-biomaterials for brain repair and to obtaining images after a stroke. Another project led by the ICMAB-CSIC will develop new electroactive materials for neuronal regeneration.

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