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First specific starter for Cabrales cheese

A Spanish team has obtained a specific starter for Cabrales cheese that will enable a better control of the fermentation process and a more homogeneous production.

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System to control common foodborne pathogens

Spanish scientists at CSIC have developed a new system to control common foodborne pathogens, such as salmonella, E.coli or listeria, in ready to eat fresh vegetables products.

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Food ingredients with antihypertensive activity

A double-blind clinical trial has demonstrated the antihypertensive activity of peptids isolated from milk proteins. The peptids will be commercialized by the Spanish biotech company Innaves as a food ingredients.

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Meat products with algae and little salt

CSIC researchers have developed a procedure based on the addition of algae, which allows to reduce the salt content in meat products maintaining a good quality and organoleptic properties.

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Desarrollan métodos para detectar perfluorados en alimentos

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Investigadores del Instituto de Diagnóstico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua del CSIC están desarrollando métodos para detectar y medir contaminantes perfluorados en diferentes productos. En trabajos recientes han presentado varios métodos para detectar estos compuestos en pescado, marisco, alimentos infantiles y leche materna. Los perfluorados, presentes en numerosos objetos de nuestra vida cotidiana, forman parte de los llamados contaminantes emergentes, que no están regulados por ley y cuyos efectos sobre los organismos y el medio ambiente aun no están, todavía, bien evaluados.

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