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Food ingredients with antihypertensive activity

A double-blind clinical trial has demonstrated the antihypertensive activity of peptids isolated from milk proteins. The peptids will be commercialized by the Spanish biotech company Innaves as a food ingredients.

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Desarrollan métodos para detectar perfluorados en alimentos

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Investigadores del Instituto de Diagnóstico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua del CSIC están desarrollando métodos para detectar y medir contaminantes perfluorados en diferentes productos. En trabajos recientes han presentado varios métodos para detectar estos compuestos en pescado, marisco, alimentos infantiles y leche materna. Los perfluorados, presentes en numerosos objetos de nuestra vida cotidiana, forman parte de los llamados contaminantes emergentes, que no están regulados por ley y cuyos efectos sobre los organismos y el medio ambiente aun no están, todavía, bien evaluados.

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High pressures and low temperature improves concentrate juice

A group of researchers from the CSIC has developed a process to obtain concentrated juices with improved taste, colour and nutritional qualities.

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Method prevents Anisakis infection and risk of allergy

Researchers at the CSIC's Instituto del Frio and Hospital Carlos III, in Madrid, have developed a method for detecting Anisakis allergens in fish.

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A CSIC spin-off commercializes a natural molecule to weight control

Bioglane, a spin-off company from the CSIC,  has developed several original biotechnological processes for the competitive production of novel iminosugars, particularly fagomine, which will open up an array of possibilities for the design and formulation of new tasty functional foods. 

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